What is CrossFit?

CrossFit: Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. CrossFit is designed for everyone. It is scalable in all aspects making it the perfect fitness regime for any committed individual regardless of experience. All of our CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, the core movements of life. We combine movements such as running, rowing, biking, jumping rope, weightlifting and many bodyweight exercises. We use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and boxes. These elements are mixed in numerous combinations to form our daily workouts. The classes are an hour long and typically include a warm-up, skill and strength development, conditioning and mobility.

New to CrossFit: Our program is the most successful CrossFit program and fitness program in the area. It is this way because we pack A LOT into our classes. Instead of spending 20 minutes on a group warm up and then talking about the workout and only getting 15 minutes of actual work done in a full hour we get going only 5-10 minutes after the class start time. All new members start with personal training 1-on-1 fundamental sessions. We will make sure that you are 100% comfortable getting into a class and knowing exactly what is going on.


Routine is the Enemy! We all fail at the boundaries of our experience. In order to get better we need to expand our limitations. Don’t settle for mundane.

  • Varied time
  • Varied reps
  • Varied weight
  • Varied distance
  • Varied movements
  • Varied environment


Nothing produces results better than intensity. Intensity is power output and it is measurable. It is physics. Strength is the productive application of force. (F)orce = (M)ass x (A)cceleration. However it needs to be done safely.

  • Intensity = Power = Results
  • Relative to mental limitations
  • Relative to physical limitations
  • Scalable to individual needs


Functional movements are multi-joint movements that elicit ultimate power transfer. They start with the legs, stabilized through the core, and transferred to the upper extremities. Functional movements are also real world applicable.

  • Natural
  • Universal Motor Recruitment
  • Essential
  • Safe


Straight up: CrossFit is the most effective strength and conditioning program in the world IF your goal is improved overall fitness across ALL types of physical activity (strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination). If you just want is to be super flexible, we suggest you do yoga. If you want to be huge and strong, then go to Golds and lift heavy weights every day. If you want to be able to run marathons, well then, you should hit the road. If you want to be (well) above average in all things athletic, at the same time, then you’ve found a home here. And as you turn yourself into the athlete who can handle “anything and everything,” your body will respond. You will notice yourself walking with better posture. Your fat will slowly but surely be exchanged for muscle. And your confidence will radiate from the inside out.

This comes up a lot! Short answer: no. The most elite athlete can come into Crossfit and make any workout extremely challenging. Someone who has been lounging on the couch watching game show re-runs for the last six months will find it equally challenging. It all works because the workouts are scaled for each individual. Fitness is a lifelong journey; we’re here to get you from where you are to where you want to be as efficiently as possible.

No way! The fundamental structure of CrossFit lends itself to the development of all ages and ranges of athletic capability. CrossFit is as hard as you make it. We will encourage you to push to the limits of what you can handle and at the end of the day it’s up to you to make the most out of your workouts.

Numerous clients have come through the doors with previous injuries or tweaks and found relief from the pain by improving their mobility (flexibility) and strengthening the muscles around the problem area. Example. A lot of people neglect exercising their lower back for fear of injury. Because of this they wind up even more susceptible to injury from minor mishaps which can happen in every day life. Getting to know your body through CrossFit will actually provide you with a buffer of sorts that will mitigate the risk of everyday injuries.

In order for people to get bigger, especially women, there are two things that must happen. One: pick up very heavy weight on a frequent basis. This is not something we do. Yes, we are very much concerned about your strength and we do lift heavy on some days. But this is not our main focus. Two: eat an extremely high calorie diet. This is also something that we do not focus on. From a nutritional standpoint, our focus is simply on the quality of the foods we eat, not the amount. While most of our clients do experience fluctuation in weight, the change itself is mostly due to the inevitable transformation of a body being used as a storage vehicle to that of an athlete.

You can injure yourself doing just about anything, but CrossFit is more safe than many activities people perform every day. We like to work with people in 3 stages. First: mechanics (learning how to do the movements with correct technique), Second: consistency (the ability to do the movements over and over again with safe and relatively efficient technique), Third: intensity (the speed at which you do the movements). One does not come before the other. We always start with Mechanics.

Ultimately CrossFit is about a lifestyle change, not a diet or something to do intermittently to look good prior to beach season. It is about making a healthy lifestyle change that will benefit you in the long run. Everyone is busy though and sometimes you aren’t able to keep up with it as often as you would like. In 3-4 weeks you’ll begin to see changes in your body and feel improvements in your attitude, mental sharpness, ability to move and capacity to respond to stress.