Meet Megan

"After college, I tried to find my own way in random gyms like the Y, Anytime, and Planet Fitness, but I never enjoyed the workouts. I never felt like I was improving. I disliked the “meathead/mirror pics” atmosphere."

1. Tell us a little about yourself

I am 27 years old. I have three dogs, with my husband, and I love them all to pieces. Our dogs are named Penny, Bago, and Jersey. Yes, our third dog was given a “J” name so we can call them PB&J. I earned a bachelors in science & nursing from Marian University. I am currently an ER nurse. I played D3 hockey for the university as well. I’ve played hockey since I was 11, and it is easily my favorite sport. I’ve been a Pittsburgh Penguins fan since my cousins got me interested in hockey at a very young age. Outside of those things, I love anything outdoors such as bow hunting. (I can’t wait for opening weekend!) I have to mention my Harry Potter obsession, of course, because it is likely what influenced question 7. I’ve read the books many many times (currently re-reading the 5th one), seen the movies plenty, have been to Harry Potter World in Universal once (we’re going back this year), and I even have a tattoo that incorporates HP as well. Christmas is my favorite holiday of ALL TIME. My house ends up looking like Santa’s freakin’ workshop, and I’m basically Buddy the Elf. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite movie, because I can’t. I will say, however, I could probably hold an entire conversation using only movie quotes. My husband and I are fluent in movies.That’s probably enough rambling for now. 

2. How did you get into CrossFit?

I did a two-week “boot camp” at CrossFit FDL during my final year of hockey at Marian, and I really enjoyed it. After college, I tried to find my own way in random gyms like the Y, Anytime, and Planet Fitness, but I never enjoyed the workouts. I never felt like I was improving. I disliked the “meathead/mirror pics” atmosphere. I was just trying to stay “in shape” or “stay fit”.   When I discovered A1, I also found out the facility was moving closer to my house, so I decided to check it out. I dropped in on a Friday night, and I immediately was hooked. It was exactly what I had been missing. I love the people of A1, having workouts programmed, having coaching and guidance, and a healthy sense of competition.  

3. How long have you been doing it?

Almost exactly one year! 

4. What’s your biggest crossfit accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment is staying consistent. I finally found a way to enjoy fitness again. I honestly WANT to attend regularly- in including working on things from home as well. I’m proud of being able to say that I haven’t gone less than three times a week since I started (outside of illness/vacation). I am also very proud of myself for being able to do rope climbs. I have an intense fear of heights, so that has been a huge personal win to get up there and touch the blue tape. 

5. What keeps you coming back for more?

CrossFit is an outlet for me. I can be having the worst day, or the most stressful work week, and I walk into the gym and I leave all of the negative energy at the door. It’s no longer time to worry- it’s time to work. Outsiders say CrossFit is expensive. I say- it’s cheaper than therapy and much more exciting. I love pushing myself and working on things to improve. I’m addicted to the “I-need-to-lay-on-the-floor-I’m-so-freakin’-exhausted” feeling. That being said, there’s always a distant goal with every small achievement. The bigger picture is what keeps me coming back. 

6. What would you tell someone who is hesitant about starting crossfit?

Just get your a** to A1. Rip the stitches. Meet the people. Do the things. You’ll fall in love with the way you feel after a grueling WOD. You’ll realize you CAN do it. Better yet, you’ll become part of a group of people who want to help and see their peers succeed. That’s the best part. People of all fitness levels can become better and do well because of the encouragement and support A1 members provide. To rip off Nike- Just Do It. Honestly.

7. What Harry Potter character do you most relate to, and why?

I actually had a hard time with this question. I posed the question to my husband, without prompting him what it’s for, and he said I am most like Hermione Granger. To quote Nick directly, he states: “cuz you wicked smart and always right”. He goes on to say, “And you’re good at everything. And always one step ahead of everyone else.” I have screenshot evidence to prove his answer by the way!  Sticking with Hermione, I think I am most like her, because I consider myself a fierce and loyal friend. I never quit, and I have affinity for breaking the rules when necessary.  I also reached out to my cousin, who is a fellow HP nerd. Her choice will make sense to those who have read and enjoy the books. She said: “My Willy-nilly choice would be Tonks- outspoken, extroverted, talented, intelligent, brave, strong, caring, breaking-the-rules and pushing-limits and taking chances for your loved ones”. To add to this, I will agree that I am extreme clumsy like Tonks.

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