• DogFit® Level 1 Certified
  • BS Human Relations

Rio is our gym dog and head of the HR department. He is a 13 year old yellow lab and spends most of his time in the office sleeping, however he does like to come out and mingle with the clients from time to time, play tug, or chase his rope around the gym. He has lived in 3 different countries along with his owner but is pretty modest about that.

What is your fitness background?

Ever since I was a little pup I was always into running, swimming, climbing rope (or tugging on them), playing ball sports, and log carries. After living overseas in New Zealand I really got a taste for CrossFit and started pursuing it. I clearly can’t do all the lifts… or any of them for that matter, but I was always really good with the people before and after the workout. It was around this time that I figured I would be best fit as the head of human relations at a local box. I started working with A1 CrossFit and quickly fell in love with the people and the community. It’s a one of a kind gym and you’re missing out if you don’t at least give it a chance and get to know the people.