Jared Kiesow

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified

What is your fitness background?

I was involved in athletics from early childhood on. I played football, basketball, and baseball. My summers were spent improving my fitness and skills for those sports and my school years were jammed packed with those sporting events. In college, I played four years of football at UW-Whitewater for the Warhawks. I was able to become a two year starter and an Academic All American. My team was able to win three National Championships. These experiences helped me gain a lot in my fitness background. After football I felt a void in my life from always being in athletics, that is when crossfit came into my life. That feeling of training and being part of something bigger than yourself was back!

What is your favorite WOD

King Kong

What is your least favorite WOD?


What is your favorite lift?


What is your least favorite movement?

Kettle Bell Swings or Double Unders

How long ago did you get into CrossFit?

4 years ago

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?

Whoa! That sucked! But I need to do it again!

What advice do you have to any newcomers to CrossFit?

My advice would be to come in with the mindset that CrossFit is a process to your transformation. Enjoy the process of bettering yourself as you immerse yourself in an awesome community of people. Stay consistent and keep the spirits high because it will take time to see results. But overtime you will be amazed with the change and skills that you have learned.

When did you join CrossFit?

June 2013