George Kalioras

  • CrossFit level 1 Certified
  • Westside Barbell Certified
  • ACE

Fitness Background

Grew up as a husky boy until 2003 when I saw Rocky III, the same summer my sister was in basic training. She would write to us about how they were always doing push-ups, sit-ups, leg raises and running. My health and fitness lifestyle started then by trying to run around the block, but only making it to the neighbors mailbox. By the end of that summer I made it all the way around, a whole .8 mile. My mother bought a Weider cement filled weight set, my step father bought a multi-station cable machine. In basic training we did weighted calisthenics, but I didn’t learn how to lift heavy weight until 2008 in Iraq from my good friend and teammate. I was hungry for more information from that point on and got hired as personal trainer and group coach at a health and fitness club. In 2014 I started taking strongman and powerlifting more seriously and in 2015 became Westside Barbell certified. In 2017 after having an opportunity to further my education I attended and passed Crossfit Level 1 trainer course.

Favorite WOD

I did enjoy Linda, probably because of the simplicity and we don’t see a lot of bench pressing in Crossfit WODs.

Least Favorite WOD

Any WOD with a metric ton of pull-ups or long distance running.

When did I start CrossFit

Ultimately, I started in late 2016 when I was helping at A1 Crossfit.

Favorite Lift

The deadlift
Least Favorite:
I guess a full clean, because I have such a hard time catching it.

Thoughts After My First CrossFit Workout

Not my actual first WOD, but one I did with the gym after I came back from Guantanamo Bay, thrusters, bar over burpees, and hang snatches, and I realized how out of shape I had gotten. I promised myself then that I wouldn’t let It continue.

Advice to CrossFitters

Work within your means on the strength and skill work, then when you get to the WOD go hard.

Favorite Training Style

Strongman medleys where we’ll have two or more exercises bundled together. I love the unknown factor and the discipline it takes to get through it and how it can be done with just about any type of implement.