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Adam Harmelink

CrossFit Coach

Adam Harmelink

CrossFit Coach


What is your fitness background?
High school Football, Cross country, and track&field. Solo workouts at P-fit for two years and ten months of CrossFit

What is your favorite WOD?
I’m a fan of Helen and as much as it kills the Murph as well

What is your least favorite WOD?

What is your favorite lift?
Power clean

What is your least favorite movement?
Thrusters/ bear complexes

How long ago did you get into CrossFit?
April of 2018 so about 10 months

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?
That was awfully painful, but so much more fun than P-fit

What advice do you have to any newcomers to CrossFit?
It’s going to hurt for a few days after the first workout. Don’t let that deter you. Keep coming back and know that the pain is growth and the more experience you get by returning the more confident in each movement you will be.