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Member Highlight meet Jeff Turk!!


Member Highlight meet Jeff Turk!!

What do you do for a living?

  • Sales/Support for risk/fraud banking systems…that sounds boring.  Let’s go with CIA operative instead.

What hobbies do you have?

  • Anything outdoors, backpacking, kayaking, biking and winter sports as well.  I occasionally make my own beer.

Tell us a little about your family (if applicable)?

  • I have a wonderful wife, Tracy. My son Joel, will be graduating from the University of AZ next spring and my daughter Mackenzie attends Kewaskum HS. She’s occasionally been spotted at A1 so look for her!

What is one (1) interesting fact about you?

  • I am not that interesting.  I am an award winning race car driver. In 2011 I won the overall Milwaukee region SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) autocross for my cars division. 

What is your favorite crossfit move?

  • OHS or DU.  OHS because I lack flexibility, DU because I lack coordination.

What is your least favorite crossfit move?

  • At first I thought you said favorite movie, and that’s coincidental because would be the movie Snatch (really it is and it’s not porn).  However, my favorite crossfit move has to be BS or Deadlift

Now you just recently received a sponsorship, could you tell us more about who that is and how you received it?

  • Waffle House is my new sponsor. I travel a lot for work and I saw an opportunity. Apparently WH saw it too. Eggs and Waffles. Protein and carbs, like peanut butter and jelly. Hopefully we can start getting the ‘House a bit further north. Hey, it’s not just for ‘after bar’ any more.  Unless it’s the Oly bar! Am I right?

You are officially A1 CrossFit’s first sponsored athlete, what words of inspiration or advice might you give out to anyone else who is looking to go down the path of sponsorship?

  • Believe in yourself, no one wants to sponsor you if you don’t sponsor yourself first!  Then go out and sell yourself. (Not in a Kardashian way though, because that’s just nasty) To quote some fellow A1 members “Just f****g do it!”