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Meet Tyler!


Meet Tyler!

1. Tell us a little about yourself

  • I was born and raised in West Bend and currently own a house here now and work locally. I am a huge football fan and like a lot of outdoor sports.

2. How did you get into crossfit?

  • I got into Crossfit by seeing it on TV watching the games. My girlfriend actually told me about A1 when it first opened so I tried it out and have been hooked ever since. No other gym in the area has these types of workouts and facility and members.

3. How long have you been doing it?

  • I have been doing Crossfit for a little over 2 years now.

4. What’s your biggest crossfit accomplishment so far?

  • The biggest crossfit accomplishment to me was improving on gymnastics movements like hand stand walks and being better at controlling my body with those types of movements.

5. What keeps you coming back for more?

  • I keep coming back for more when I see how my numbers keep improving. From Olympic lifting to gymnastics movements. Competing against your old numbers and seeing them climb is something that keeps me coming back. The community I get to workout with is another bid reason I keep coming back.

6. What type of music gets you amped for a wod?

  • If I had to pick one genre that gets me amped up most for a wod, I would say normally some kind of rap. I like to listen to it all depending on how the day is going.

7. What is one crossfit goal you currently have?

  • My number one goal is to clean 315 but to also improve all of my numbers while staying healthy.

8. If you could pick one song to be the soundtrack to your life, or have a theme song, what would it be and why?

  • I listen to way too much music to narrow a theme song down. I would say something about a truck by Kip Moore. He is one of my favorite artists and I will always own a truck and enjoy the country life style.