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Fundamentals starting in 2 weeks!!


Fundamentals starting in 2 weeks!!

Interested in trying crossfit? Don’t wait and sign up now for A1 crossfit fundamentals! This class runs for 2 weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening from 6:30-7:30pm. This is the ultimate way to get into crossfit! The classes focus on learning all the movements properly so you can participate in a crossfit class safely and efficiently. Get special 1 on 1 focus from the instructor to make sure you are doing all the movements correctly and every class is guaranteed to give you a good sweat too! Classes start in 2 weeks on November 2nd, contact to get enrolled now!! Don’t miss your chance, it’ll be another month before the next class starts up again! Also it’ll be your last chance to save a ton of money and get a great rate on crossfit classes.

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