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A1 Crossfit’s 6 week weight loss challenge!!


A1 Crossfit’s 6 week weight loss challenge!!

Are you interested in being part of a weight loss challenge? A1 Crossfit is starting one next week Monday the 20th of November. The contest will run for 6 weeks till the first of January. There will be a payout to the top 3 finishers. We are purposely holding this over the holiday months to help keep you accountable! It becomes way too easy to let yourself slide during the holiday months and try to justify it by saying you’ll make changes or do better come the new year.

Here are the details of the contest!

  • It costs $25 to partake in the challenge. This helps hold you accountable because if you pay for it then you’ll be more likely to stay motivated.
  • The challenge is for both members and non-members, but you must be weighed at the beginning and the end by a staff member of A1 Crossfit at A1 Crossfit, you are not allowed to send in your weights.
  • We will measure by a percentage of starting weight, not by pounds. 10 pounds of a starting weight of 150 is 6.67% versus 10 pounds of a starting weight of 250 is only 4%
  • You must be wearing similar clothing at the time of weigh in and weigh out, no shoes, t-shirt and shorts for example.
  • First place will win 1/2 (4/8) of the money paid in, Second place will get 2/8th and Third place will get 1/8th.
  • A1 will be holding nutritional and weight loss classes during the 6 weeks to help keep you on track. We will also be sending out emails to keep you motivated.

If you are up for the challenge and think you can maintain your dedication during the holiday months then this is the challenge for you. It will also give you a great head start to be beach body/summer ready!

There are 2 good times to plant a tree… right now and 20 years ago! It takes time to lose weight just as it takes time to gain weight, let’s plant a tree today and get it growing!

Contest starts November 20th and weigh-ins can begin this week. Contest Ends January 1 and weigh ins must be done before this date.